SIP 6 Postmortem Analysis

Based on the principle of complete transparency and openness, Symblox’s technical team will explain in detail of the failed implementation of SIP #6.

Online voting link for the failed proposal 6:

It was created at 10:02pm UTC+8 on January 5, 2021, and was voted through at 10 pm on January 7, 2021. Among them, 149,107.18 SYX ‘Yay’ and 36,639.43 SYX ‘Nay’. It should have been executed after 11:51pm on January 8th.

After a vote is passed, the voting execution needs to send instructions to the reward distribution pool. But when this proposal was created, the reward distribution pool on the voting page still pointed to the old reward distribution pool address of the first phase of Symblox ( As a result, an error occurred during the final execution on the night of January 8th.

Here is the transaction record that failed when the voting was executed on the night of January 8th:

After discovering the problem, the Symblox technical team immediately conducted an in-depth investigation. It was found that the reason for this problem was that the actual creation time of proposal #6 was 10:03pm on January 5th.(Transaction:

But the update time of the second phase contract address of the voting website is 10:32pm:

Github commit:(

Therefore, when Proposal #6 was created, the voting website still used the contract address of the first phase, which eventually caused the voting to fail.

Lesson learned:

  • The Symblox technical team will also need to conduct more complete tests for updated products in the future to ensure smooth product updates.
  • Moving forward, Symblox will make the process of creating on-chain proposals easier and more straightforward so that average Symblox holders can create proposals by themselves.

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