Symblox Governance Incentive Campaign


The on-chain proposal is mainly to adjust product parameters. In order to encourage more volunteers to participate in Symblox community governance, volunteers who have contributed to Symblox community governance will be rewarded by New Proposal Rewards and Voting Rewards.

The scope of the on-chain proposal, which are the parameters of Symblox that can be changed, are the followings:

  • Add new reward pool
  • Modify the reward ratio of the reward pool
  • Modify the proposal delay time
  • Replace governance contract

Campaign Duration

  • End: December 10, 2020

New Proposal Rewards


1. Volunteers must first create a SIP proposal at SIP proposal creation guide is here (

2. After the SIP proposal is accepted, initiate an on-chain proposal:

a. If the creator does not have 1% SYX tokens, he can recruit users to delegate to himself;

b. If the creator does not know how to implement his proposal, he can hire technical team or code volunteers from the community to assist in completing the code;

Voting Rewards

1. Most Participated Award: The top 3 voters with the most number of votes during the campaign get the following rewards (no less than 500 votes per account per proposal):

a. The first place rewards 2500 VLX (1 person);

b. The second place rewards 1500 VLX (1 person);

c. The third place will be awarded 800 VLX (1 person);

2. Sunshine Award: The top 20 accounts with a single voting account of no less than 30 SYX votes (less than 30 SYX voting accounts are not counted in the top 20), each address can get 50 VLX tokens;

3. If multiple accounts appear in the same ranking in the qualifications for the award in Article 1, the account with the most votes will win; if the ranking is tied and the number of votes is equal, the account with the highest number of votes will win the prize;

4. Users who meet the reward criteria of Article 1 and Article 2 can only receive one of the rewards;

5. Voting rewards will be issued to the winning accounts within 3 working days after the end of campaign;

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