Symblox SIP 3 Proposal


This week will be the deployment of the TokenBridge on Velas blockchain. With the advent of the crosschain, a community member has submitted a proposal for voting.

Voting will start at 2200 hours UTC +8. During the voting process, do not move SYX from your wallet if you want your vote to be counted. Also, you must set your ‘delegatee’ prior to the voting process. For a quick guide to the voting process, you can check our guide.


This SIP proposes to add a USDT/SYX swap pool, and change the reward allocation ratio for the existing pools.

In order to add more liquidity to Symblox, “we” propose to add USDT/SYX swap pool first, and set the reward allocation ratios for VLX seed pool, VLX swap pool, and USDT swap pool to 5%, 65%, and 30% respectively.


Right now, only VLX holders can participate in Symblox yield farming. In order to encourage more users to join Symblox and increase the activity and market share of the entire project, “we” propose to add USDT swap pool first because USDT has over 1 billion market cap, and is so far, one of the most liquid assets in crypto.

SIP 3 proposal can be found here.

Learn more about Symblox:





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