Symblox Yield Farming 2.0

Season 2 and Beyond



Start date: 2020/12/14

End date: 2021/1/25

Starting Block Height

# of Yield Farming Rewards

The second season of liquidity mining plans to issue 800,000 SYX. After that, the total number of SYX rewards in each cycle will be reduced by 20% (for example, the total number of rewards in the third cycle is 640,000 SYX, and so on). Before the end of the second cycle of mining, SYX holders will vote according to the progress of the project to determine whether it is necessary to start the next cycle of liquidity mining.

Reward Plan

Migration from YF 1.0 to 2.0

The first reward season for Symblox YF will end on Dec. 11th. Even though the swap pools (smart contracts) will continuously run on Velas blockchain, the smart contracts were written to only mint 1 million SYX tokens for a duration of 8 weeks. There will be a new smart contract that will allow SYX 1.0 token holders to swap their assets 1:1 for SYX 2.0 tokens.

Current SYX holders, starting Dec. 11th, can exchange SYX 1.0 to SYX 2.0 by depositing SYX 1.0 tokens to the new YF 2.0 contract. We will provide a detailed guide on how to undergo the migration process.

Why the need for migration?

Symblox is a community-driven project; decentralization is at the core of our project philosophy. To keep the project as decentralized as possible, Symblox’s smart contracts was coded to mint a pre-determined and/or pre-approved amount of SYX tokens. This means that once the smart contract is launched, no one is able to manipulate, alter or create extra tokens, not even the Dev team.

Details of the mining pool

There are 5 mining pools and all are transaction pools (Swap Pools). The original seed pool (Seed Pool) VLX is discontinued per voting.

Swap Pools

2.0 and Beyond

Before the end of cycle 2, the progress of the project may be reviewed by all SYX token holders and they can vote to determine whether a new cycle should be continued.

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Do you have any questions? Please ask by email!

About Symblox Smart Contract

Switch to the V2 branch for the latest version

Symblox contract audit report

Symblox contract address

  • SYX token: V5BiAVREvmgkxhxetGY6JcAtTHS56v9jx1
  • VLX hosting: V4vv6X9wkvMfbrtxJ4Mb3FyuW5CLD6Kr7n
  • USDT (VELAS): V7t2XWUe82x2vBDWsChwS9oMEUGPemahhJ
  • Development Fund: V3B665rZ1wyg84brEUmMFTmrHYUYpp7y6X



Symblox is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol on the blockchain.

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Symblox is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol on the blockchain.