Symblox Yield Farming 2.0


To increase the total liquidity on Symblox so that we can have a solid foundation for Symblox’s synthetic asset platform. Our focus for YF 2.0 will be to add more liquid assets other than VLX and SYX. This will include USDT, ETH, BTC etc., and support all trading pairs between these assets.


6 Weeks

Starting Block Height
Reward Plan
Swap Pools

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About Symblox Smart Contract

Symblox contract code open source address

  • SYX token: V5BiAVREvmgkxhxetGY6JcAtTHS56v9jx1
  • VLX hosting: V4vv6X9wkvMfbrtxJ4Mb3FyuW5CLD6Kr7n
  • USDT (VELAS): V7t2XWUe82x2vBDWsChwS9oMEUGPemahhJ
  • Development Fund: V3B665rZ1wyg84brEUmMFTmrHYUYpp7y6X



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Symblox is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol on the blockchain.